Cresswell Boggs is a modern card store, jewelry store, and gift store all under one roof. This beautiful store sells a large range of quality greeting cards, some of the best sterling silver jewelry to be found and a wide and diverse selection of gifts, all at very reasonable prices.


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About Us

Cresswell Boggs is a modern card store, jewelry store, and gift store all under one roof. This beautiful store sells a large range of quality greeting cards, some of the best sterling silver jewelry to be found and a wide and diverse selection of gifts, such as Webkinz, all at very reasonable prices.

Cresswell Boggs was opened in 2004 on Railroad Avenue in the heart of Downtown Bellingham, WA, by owner Andy Forrest, a transplant from Scotland. Bringing with him over a decade of experience as a wholesale silver jeweler, the store was built around the jewelry. Having a very large and diverse range of jewelry was a major goal from day one, along with a strategy of reasonable pricing on jewelry. No Bellevue pricing in this store! From the start it was clear that a very large range of quality greeting cards would compliment the jewelry, so this was introduced when the store opened and quickly the range of cards became a major success. Over the next two years more giftware was introduced carefully over time to make sure that quality attractive merchandise was available. Carrying some of the most successful giftware lines in America today such as Webkinz and Vera Bradley bags, Cresswell Boggs has become established as a must go to store in Downtown Bellingham.

Gift Cards

People often refer to Cresswell Boggs as a “card store”, and not without good reason. We feature several thousand card designs at any one time, well organized in sections. Easy to see and find, we carry cards to suit every occasion. Our sections include : birthday, belated birthday, age birthday, from the group, anniversary, new baby, new home, sympathy, pet sympathy, get well, sorry, friendship, love/romance, blank cards, local cards and postcards, and of course we have seasonal cards such as Valentines, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, and the lesser known holidays such as Bosses Day, Administrative Assistants Day. Here at Cresswell Boggs, we like to display a wide range of quality greeting cards from sincere to funny. We regularly hear laughter from our card browsers!

In addition to individual cards, we also carry a fine selection of boxed cards, boxed thank you cards, boxed invitations and boxed foldover notes and so forth. Few feature some of the best card makers in the business such as Papyrus, (formerly known as Marcel Schurman), Avanti, Palm Press, Meri Meri and many others. We also stock postcards and greeting cards by local photographers such as Tore Ofteness, which show off the beauty of Whatcom County and the Pacific Northwest.


Since opening in 2004, Cresswell Boggs has expanded into giftware in a big way.

Vera Bradley bags were introduced in late 2006 and have proved a huge hit. We carry classic designs like the Vera Bradley Hipster, the Vera Bradley Bucket Tote, Vera Bradley Backpack, and new designs like Vera Bradley Katie, Vera Bradley Lindsay, and the Vera Bradley Lola. We have all the best new patterns such as Peacock, Capri Melon, Capri Blue, Botanica, Pink Elephants, along with the highly successful Java Blue, Mesa Red, medallion and Classic Black. Did I mention Vera Bradley microfibre? Yes, we have that too. As a gift idea, who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a Vera Handbag.

Looking for a perfect gift idea? Willow Tree (by Susan Lordi) hand-carved sculptures speak in quiet ways to comfort, heal, inspire and protect. About Willow Tree, Susan says, “I try to keep the interpretation of Willow Tree open. I hope this makes it more personal, and allows the viewer to decide it’s meaning. Cresswell Boggs, a gift store located in Downtown Bellingham, WA, not far from the Bellingham Herald building, carries a large line of Willow Tree figurines, including Willow Tree angels.

Everyone likes a fun novelty for a stocking stuffer or as an office gift or a birthday present. At Cresswell Boggs, we carry a large range of accoutrements products. Famed in the Seattle area for their company store, (Archie McPhees), Accoutrements have cornered the market in novelty. From flying nuns and cats with their Cat-A-Pult and Nun-Chucker to pirate playing cards, coasters, there is truly something for everyone. Last Supper Mints, Angry Scotsman Gum, and even an avenging unicorn. Action figures are popular such as the Lunch Lady, Vincent Van Gogh, Casanova.

For the younger crowd, we have a section geared towards baby gifts, featuring Wry Baby products such as the Safe Baby Handling Guide, (not very safe) and baby snapsuits with charming captions like “I might Barf”, and “I’m not a boy”. You need to see them! More traditionally we have Beatrix Potter and Winnie the Pooh brag books, gift bags and other baby products. We also have baby gift shower gifts for mother’s to be. If you are putting together a gift basket, we have lots to choose from.

In addition to the above, we carry gift books, calendars, day planners, photo albums, gift wrap, ribbons, bows, tissue, gift bags, paper plates, napkins, magnets, office gifts, gift certificates/gift cards, journals, address books, boxed cards, boxed thank you cards, invitations, plush, terracotta money pots and a myriad of other products.


In many gift stores, jewelry is an afterthought. Not here! At Cresswell Boggs we have probably the best selection of sterling silver in the state. We have over 20 cabinets full of sterling silver jewelry and 6 cabinets of beautiful fashion jewelry. In addition we have the best selection of body jewelry in North West Washington. Every bit of jewelry is sold in a complimentary gift box.

Of all our jewelry ranges, one of the most enduringly popular ranges is Amber. Hand picked for Cresswell Boggs, all of our Amber and Green Amber comes from Poland and Russia. Not a single piece is bought from a catalog. Every item is hand selected by the store owner. We carry Amber Rings, Amber Bracelets, Amber Earrings, Amber Stud Earrings, Amber Pendants, Amber Necklaces and Amber Pins.

Other hand picked stone set jewelry comes from Nepal, Tibet, India and Indonesia. Stones such as turquoise jewelry, shell, onyx, mother of pearl, coral, amethyst, blue topaz, jasper, moonstone, feature prominently, and again, every piece is hand picked for Cresswell Boggs.

Celtic Jewelry is definitely a speciality at Cresswell Boggs. With celtic knotwork patterns both traditional, derived from sources such as the book of Kells, to modern interpretations, we hold a large range, including mens celtic rings in large sizes, We also have spinner rings also known as fidget rings in large sizes in celtic designs and also contemporary designs. Individual items come and go, but we always have a great range. At the time of writing we have a few kilt pins, but we always have a huge range of celtic earrings, celtic pendants and celtic rings, including claddah rings.

Smooth contemporary sterling silver jewelry is always in demand and we carry a large and always changing selection of cool silver rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, chokers, anklets, stud earrings and nose studs.

For men, we have silver jewelry and also steel rings, pendants and bracelets, We also carry pewter jewelry for the younger look with surf, tribal, celtic and other designs. Moving on from this we have a killer selection of body jewelry from basic surgical steel captive bead rings to large gauge plugs, tunnels, section rings, organic expanders, hand carved wood earring, tongue bars, labrets, eyebrow bars, is surgical steel, titanium, PVD, acrylic, niobium and glow in the dark. People are often surprised by the sheer range and quantity of body jewelry we carry. And I forgot to mention navel banana bars! We have a ton of those in all sorts of design and colors. Located near the back of the store, our large body jewelry section is a big hit!

At Cresswell Boggs, we have a large amount of fashion jewelry throughout the store with glittery swarovski crystals, rhinestones, beads and shells of all sorts. We have fashion necklaces, fashion bracelets, fashion rings, fashion anklets, and a large range of fashion earrings. Fashion Jewelry makes a great present and our prices are very reasonable.

Stationary & Wedding Invitations

At Cresswell Boggs, there is a sit down section for custom stationary featuring some of the biggest names in the business (Crane, Carlson Craft, Regency) along with a lesser known name (Sweet Pea). With more albums to look at and more options and variations available, anyone looking unique stationary is going to be happy.

Whether you are looking for wedding invitations, place-settings, thank-you notes, business stationary, bridal shower invitations, baby announcements or graduation announcements, the range and selection of options is almost infinite.

Pop in to browse these books for ideas or to organize stationary for your event, and remember not to leave it too late!

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